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Adding a birthday, Yahrzeit, and anniversary events.

  1. Click on the sidebar menu.

  2. Click on "Yahrzeit and Birthdays".

  3. Set title.

  4. Choose between birthday, Yahrzeit, anniversary.

  5. Set date (only Georgian date, you will get the Hebrew date after).

  6. Set number of years.

  7. Set "Include Hebrew dates" toggle to on (in case you want to see the Hebrew date for each record).

  8. Set "Include Yizkor dates" toggle to on (in case you want)

  9. Confirm.

Add event to calendar:

  1. On the main screen, you can see all the events you added divided into categories (birthday, Yahrzeit, anniversary)

  2. Click on event move to the list of dates, there you can add each event to the calendar by clicking on the + button on each event

Delete and edit:

  1. To delete on IOS you can slide finger on each event on the main screen

  2. To delete on Android you can long-press on each event on the main screen

  3. To edit an event on IOS just slide your finger on the specific event.

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