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Ads on Hebrew Calendar app.

Recently we are getting comments about the advertisements in the app and it is important for us to make it clear.

The Hebrew calendar shows advertisements because it allows us to generate a minimum income in order to continually develop and maintain the app.

Those who like the app and the ads are annoying, can purchase a "gold subscription" for 5 NIS per month (in the app settings).

"Gold Subscription" opens up all possibilities and removes advertisements.

Those who are not interested in purchasing a gold subscription can always continue to use the app for free and enjoy all the options that are open.

* We do everything possible to prevent inappropriate advertising from penetrating the app, if you receive an inappropriate advertisement, we will be happy to receive a screenshot immediately and make sure to block it.

If you liked the app please support us so we can continue to develop and maintain it.

We will be happy to answer any questions on the subject.

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I don't know whether you're still supporting/maintaining/updating this site but if yes, how can you be contacted directly?

Haggai Elezara
Haggai Elezara
Dec 11, 2023
Replying to

You can contact me at

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