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Answers to common issues.

We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions for you.

Today's times are incorrect

  • Make sure the app has access to location services.

  • In closed buildings, there is no GPS signal and therefore a disruption in obtaining a location will show the default times of Jerusalem.


Torah portion is incorrect

  • Set "I am in Israel" toggle in the settings of the application, otherwise, you will get Torah portion for diaspora


I want the app to be in Hebrew even though my phone is set to English

  • set "Set Hebrew as a default language" toggle to on in the application settings.


The push notifications bother me, I want to close them

  • (Android) - Uncheck "Allow notifications for your device" in the app settings.

  • (iPhone) - In the app settings scroll down and click on the "Alerts" icon it will take you to the phone settings where you can turn off receiving alerts (for iPhone)


The compass does not work for me

  • Make sure there is no magnet on the cover of the iPhone, it disrupts the operation of the compass.

  • Make sure the app has access to location services.


Unable to install the stickers on WhatsApp

  • Make sure the Whatsapp app on the latest version and try again.


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