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Updated: May 24, 2021

The Hebrew calendar sends push messages in the spirit of Judaism on a daily basis on a variety of topics such as this week's Torah portion, Shabbat entry and special times, virtues and blessings, Rosh Chodesh, Jewish history, and more.

Push notifications allow app managers to communicate with users and update on a variety of issues related to the app such as software updates, glitches, and more.

Push messages located in the top left side menu as "Messages (Push notifications)".

The message window is divided into:

  1. Sticky messages - messages that are always at the top of the page and have high meaning.

  2. Regular push notifications - sorted by date.

You can delete all messages by clicking the button at the top of the page or delete a specific message by long-pressing [Android] / Slide [iPhone].

Important note: Unfurtantly Push messages support Hebrew only

In case this feature is useless for you, you can disable push notifications for the app

The reason is that all reading material we share around the web, supports Hebrew only.

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