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The times of the day in Halacha are a nickname for different times during the day, which relate to the observance of mitzvot or various prohibitions that depend on a certain time. There are many halakhic controversies regarding the times of the day, both on the practical level, for example, when the hot hawk is, and on the halakhic level, for example, when the hours of the day, dawn, or the hot hawk are measured.

Day times are determined by the location of the device (coordinates obtained from the location services of the device)

If no coordinates were received for any reason, the location will be set for Jerusalem times.

The Hebrew calendar shows the following times:

  1. Alot Hashachar 120

  2. Misheyakir (The earliest time for Tallit and Tefillin)

  3. Alot Hashachar 72

  4. Netz Hachamah

  5. Latest Shema MA (Magen Avraham)

  6. Latest Shema

  7. Latest Tefillah

  8. Chatzot Hayom

  9. Minchah Gedolah

  10. Peleg Mincha

  11. Shkiah (Sunset)

  12. Tzeit Hakochavim

  13. Tzeit Hakochavim rabbeinu tam

  14. Candle Lighting

  15. Shabbat End Time

Tzeit Hakochavim calculation

Tzeit Hakochavim - on Saturday and Yom Tov, is calculated at 8.5 degrees below the horizon, this calculation is based on the position of the sun 36 minutes after sunset in Jerusalem.

* In order to get the day's times for another date, click on the magnifying glass button in the top menu.

* In order to get a different location for Zmanim calculation, click on the location button in the top menu.

*For gold membership, you can click one of the times to trigger an alert

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